Episode #74: E3 PC 2015, R9 300 / Fury Series, Lack of Hardware Competition

CALLED IT! Gamestop Goes Retro

Evolve Splitting Season Pass into 2 to Make More Money

Rust Penis Size Determined by Steam ID

Razer Acquires Ouya

Project Cars 2 Announced

Intel Cutting Jobs and R&D

Broadwell i7 5775C Gaming Performance on par with Haswell

  • This is what happens when the competition is doing nothing!

Radeon R9 300 Series


E3 PC 2015

Nvidia Physx Powering Killing Floor 2 Bile

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Gameplay

Gears of War Ultimate Edition/4 Coming to PC

Hitman Releases December 8th

Open World Tom Clancy Game


Episode #85: Video Game Platforms

Nintendo off of list of 100 top brands for first time

All Xbox One controllers will be remappable eventually, says Xbox director

Havok to join Microsoft:

Square Enix Cancels Horrible Deus Ex Pre-Order Program:

AMD has expanded its embedded graphics lineup:

The Escapist RSI Controversy

64 Percent of Kids Play Games on Mobile

 Game Releases This Week

Tiki Galore (PC) – October 5

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance (PS4) – October 6

Elite Dangerous (Xbox One) – October 6

Prison Architect (PC) – October 6

Read Only Memories (PC, Mac, Linux) – October 6

Ride (Xbox One, PS4) – October 6

Rock Band 4 (Xbox One, PS4) – October 6

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