Episode #52: Steam Holiday Sales 2014

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Xbox Live founder Boyd Multerer leaves Microsoft

PSN down for PS4, PS3: Sony is still ‘investigating the cause’

North Korea blames the US for internet outages following Sony hacks

The Interview was pirated more than 750,000 times in its first day of release

Schreech From Saved By The Bell in Jail

Deus Ex Online Novel The Fallen Angel

New VAC Detection Driving Record Ban Numbers in CSGO

Is 4k With Freesync Viable? New Monitor Ready For Order

Man buys PS4, gets a box full of rocks instead

Pirate Bay Hints A Rebirth

Episode #57: Nintendo’s Creator Program

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Special Guest Megnagaming

Joystiq is closing and I’ll miss them like hell

PewDiePie denounces Nintendo’s YouTube Creators Program

Battlefield: Hardline open beta starts next week

Return A 970 and Get deals on R9 290

Nvidia Officially Responds to 970 VRAM Issue w/ Benchmarks

Witcher 3 Textures Downgraded

Fuel Costs Money in Video Games Now

H1Z1 developer Sony Online Entertainment is no longer a part of Sony

Game Releases This Week

Criminal Girls: Invite Only – Vita – ⅔

Spongebob HeroPants – 360, 3ds, Vita – ⅔

Deathtrap – PC – 2/4

Apotheon – PS4, PC – ⅖

Kick & Fennick – Vita – ⅖

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